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Coaching & Private Sessions

Private wellness sessions are a great tool for your personal healing journey. It is Barbara's goal to help bring you back to wholeness, achieve vibrant health, enjoy prosperity, live in love and gratitude while loving life. 

Sessions can help free yourself of fear, pain, struggle, stress, anxiety, limiting thoughts, and invite love, abundance, awareness, relaxation, and peace into your life. You can choose from Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Guided Imagery, Life Coach, Mind, Body and Fitness, Wellness Coaching or a combination of the different techniques. 

30 minute sessions are great for maintenance in between full sessions.

60 minute sessions focus on type of session or coaching.

90 minute sessions offer a combination of techniques.

Together we can release the blocks in your life and embrace your journey, learn from the lessons and create a new path that is in alignment with your soul. 

All sessions are one hour and by appointment only. 

Integrated Energy Therapy -


energy therapy that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good!  Release and clear the blocks from past experiences!! 




balance the energy within the body, helps to realign the body, mind, soul and spirit connection.   


Holistic Wellness Coaching


a powerful form of life coaching that combines every aspect of life - body, mind, spirit and soul.  


Mind, Body, Fitness Coach -


Guidance, Inspiration & Empowerment to help you take control of your body through fitness & healthy  choices. 


Guided Imagery


a gentle yet powerful technique that focuses and directs the imagination to reduce stress & increase relaxation.  


Life Coach


 Take control of your life!! helps prioritize your life, create an action plan to achieve your goals.


Tuning Forks


Use for relaxation and increase the flow of vital energy essential to self-healing. Enhance deep breathing to ground, center and balance vital core energy. 


45-60 Minute Session


A combination of Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, tuning forks and guided meditations. Perfect for balancing and relaxing. 


90 Minute Session


 A combination of Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, tuning forks and guided meditations. Take your self-healing to the next level with in depth techniques.


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