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The Indigo Body was started with the vision to help women and girls embrace their purpose and empower them to follow their dreams. The main focus is self-love and self-care. We have the power to be and do anything we desire. Love you inner goddess!!!!



Barbara is the Managing Director of the Center of Being, home to Integrated Energy Therapy® which oversees the teachings worldwide and the owner of The Indigo Body. She is a certified Master-Instructor for Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Guided Imagery, Mind, Body, Fitness  and Holistic Wellness Coach.  



Integrated Energy Therapy

Experience powerful manifestation techniques, begin or expand an energy healing business, become empowered to create self-care, create connections to your angels, remove traumas and limitations, clear the human energy field, embrace your soul's mission, increase your vibration. 



A sample of some of the different sessions and classes offered. All workshops are done in a group setting to give you an idea of what a private session would entail or what to expect from a class. Experience a group coaching session in life coaching, meditation, chakras, essential oils, mindfulness,  and mind, body, fitness.  

Private Sessions


 Private sessions are for your personal healing journey. The goal is to help bring you back to wholeness, achieve vibrant health, enjoy prosperity, live in love and gratitude while loving life. IET and Reiki help release the blocks in your life and embrace your journey, to create a new path that is in alignment with your mind, body, soul. 

The Indigo Blog


A collection of short pieces about different aspects of what The Indigo Body offers, personal stories, personal thoughts on different topics from energy work to angels to parenting to nutrition. This is my outlet to voice my journey, my story, the path to where I am to day and how it made the strong woman I am.

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The Indigo Body

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