Integrated Energy Therapy Workshops


  IET Refresher: a way for anyone who has ever taken a Basic, Intermediate and/or Advanced Level IET class to brush up on the tools and techniques learned when you took the class.   

You will not receive an attunement, workbook or certificate. Must have completed the level of the refresher class being given. 



Energy Share - a get-together of energy workers to practice techniques and provide support to each other. 

 IET Share - same as an energy share, but focused only on IET.  

 Session Practice - for anyone who has ever taken anl IET class and is interested in developing their IET techniques by giving and receiving treatments and sharing experiences. 

$22 each


  Blessing Bowl -  A Blessing Bowl is a container that is attune to the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced IET Energy Rays. We place small pieces of paper into it that contain specific descriptions of the elements that you would like the angels to help you to manifest in the world. This a group blessing bowl that can only be done with a Master-Instructor. 



IET Healing Circle -  a gathering of like-hearted people who join together under the guidance of an IET Master-Instructor, to give and receive angelic energy work. 



 Vision Board Workshop -  Construct a physical Vision Board focused on the things they would like to manifest in their lives. 



 Sacred Relationships – test the sacred energy potential of your relationship, increase the sacredness of existing relationships – attract new sacred relationships – and live your life more sacredly. 




 Learn how to connect to your Angels. Learn what a Heartlink is and how to use it to send divine energy to yourself and others. 


Activate 12 Stand DNA


 This class will activate your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA and help bring you into alignment with your soul's mission.


Clearing Karma


 IET Karma Clearing process helps you to clean up your Karma easily and gracefully with the Energy of Angels. 




A powerful IET process that helps you  truly forgive. The key to living peace in the present moment is to practice true forgiveness. 


Empowered Heart


The Empowered Heart is the result of the energetic union of the heart and power centers. When we live our lives with the empowered heart energy we automatically express our true essence into the world in service to others.   


Future Life


   Journey forward with the help of your angels and soul council to a future lifetime in which you mastered all your lessons and living your true life’s purpose. Then bring the energy of that future lifetime back into this lifetime to help you accelerate your spiritual growth.  




 By cutting cords with past and present relationships, you are able to retrieve some of the power that you have given away and return that which you have energetically taken also. 


Grid Healing


 Learn and practice how to clear resistance to love and imprint empowerment in yourself and people world-wide for the benefit of all living beings 


Pure Joy


  Learn how to work with the Cherubs to help them weave an energetic layer of Pure Joy into the World Angel Grid and use the power of "blessing" to raise the vibration of your heart-center to the vibration of Pure Joy 




 Lift into your empowered heart and offer compassion to yourself and others. Learn The New Angel Wash Process, Experience Angel Ariel’s HeartSeed Process, Let Compassion Bloom Brilliantly In Your Life, and Travel Inter-Dimensionally into the Dimension of Love. 




 You will meet your personal angel guide who will help you to discover your special healing and Heartlight colors, who will then work with you to create a safe and powerful inner sanctuary. You will then move energetically deep within this sanctuary to powerfully experience the energy that unifies all life, which will move you beyond your ego’s idea of self, to discover your true spiritual self. 


Unity in Action


 journey to the highest angelic realms where, working with the support of your personal angel guide, you will create your own personal crystal key which you will use to unlock your heart’s code and become Unity in Action 




 You will follow along during the creation of a new energy center within your body called a “Heart Star”. Using vortex energy and sacred geometry, you will merge your Earth Star with your Soul Star to align your life with the energy of the Unity Wave and create the optimal energetic vibration for you to experience Ascension. 


Being Love, Living Love


 Step by step anchor your own personal angelic energy grid within your human energy field. Then working within the power and safety of this angelic grid you will align your Heart Star with Unity, move your consciousness into deeper and deeper states of Being and experience Unity Shifts in Being Love that are perfect for you. Then you to extend the power of Being Love into your daily life by Living Love. 


You must register in advance. 

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Schedule of IET Workshops

 Intro to IET - typically a one or two hour lecture introducing the concepts of Integrated Energy Therapy.



Intro to Healing Angels: A lecture introducing the concepts of the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. 


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